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Born in Bulgaria, currently living in Portugal, NORA MINCHEVA is an interdisciplinary artist, an event coordinator and a workshop facilitator.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural studies with her graduation thesis being about the CONTEMPORARY INTERACTIVE STAGE PERFORMANCES and the figure of the ‘Prosumer’ within them.

She creates in the following artistic fields : music, alternative theatre, art performance, contemporary dance, photography, creative writing, handcraft and others.

She took part in various alternative theatre performances, theatre plays, music performances, concerts, exhibitions. Her focus is music and she has collaborated with musicians from Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Germany, France, Greece and others. With these musical projects she is trying to state and prove that music unites – it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from and what is your background: ‘Music is a tool which allows us to connect with each other and reconnect with ourselves on the first place’.

She also has experience with non-formal education. Besides taking part in several international projects and training courses, in 2017 she gave her first workshop on music improvisation and communication. She plans to continue giving workshops, based on artistic non-formal methods of education and focused on assisting the participants in their individual self-explorational journeys while maintaining a deeper connection with the surrounding world.

ARTISTIC MISSION: to inspire, heal and empower.




*the way i feel
is nothing new
is nothing real
i’m not a creator
i’m just a collector
of reality’s reflections
my realities;
evrthg I came upon;
i choose the right to crack them and combine them and collide and line them
into something undefineable…

I’m a self-taught artist and my personal artistic approach is to follow my instincts and to listen to my body and soul whenever I create something.  I believe that you don’t need to be taught – to copy and repeat the same thing over and over again  – just in order to be the best dancer, musician, painter, writer, etc. I believe that art is about sharing your own personal world with the others and fully experience the connection between you and them. So, yes, everyone is an artist, because everyone has a unique perspective and more importantly – a unique ability to reflect whatever there may be around them.

I’ve developed my own artistic expression – one that is based on freedom, self-exploration and contentment. My art works and projects are meant to eliminate borders and make people see the bigger picture, instead of the one-lane narrative. We’re used to operate through the segmented portions of knowledge and perceptions and we forget that everything is interconnected and therefore codependent. Main topics that I tend to explore are liminality, transformation and unity.

 I’m really interested in going beyond conventional borders in any kind of mental category, because…well… I don’t like limitations and separations.

For me ART means and stands for: self-expression, connection with yourself, connection with the others, a tool for change, a cure for you and the others, antidote for fear, etc…

I can’t imagine my life without being creative and expressing myself through ART.


I love singing ever since I found out how it affects my connection with the space-time continium – it makes me forget about everything; I have no worries and no fear; I just float in the air and feel totally free – musical improvisation is my way gate to freedom.

I also like rapping – I love that energy – when you feel so confident and determined to fight against everything which would threaten you and your freedom to be whoever you wanna be.


I’ve always loved dancing and I loved trying to adapt my body to different styles of music. It was like magic when I got to know different moves and instinctively created instant choreography while listening to a piece of music.

For me, dancing is a way to forget about everything and to experience ‘Here-and-Now’ in its full potential – it doesn’t matter whether you’re in front of an audience or not, what matters is the way you feel – free and naturally exposed to whatever energy music could inject into your body. Whether it’s contemporary, ragga dance, hip hop, twerk or even fight technique – the most important thing is to enjoy the way your body decodes music.

That’s why I’ve tried to create my own style – more accurately, it was impossible not to do so – combining different moves from different dance styles.


I love writing – especially in bulgarian. I love the surrealistic method, I let my unconsciousness flow, navigating my hand. I juggle with my own associations of objects and notions. I rarely use rhymes. I write out of a particular emotions and this emotions is crucial for the style of writing – I write because I need to express love, sarcasm, hatred, anxiety, rage, harmony or pure inspiration for life.

And of course, I write the lyrics of my songs – mainly in English, sometimes in Bulgarian. I hope one day I can write in one more language or maybe mix them ( well, I already wrote a poem in English, Bulgarian and Polish ;d).


I have my own style – I’m a total amateur but I feel that my drawings matter – because I use my own complex technique and materials to express the thing I want in a very specific way – I love deformation of things and recreating them / especially women/  in a different and non-existing way – I draw my subconscious thoughts and concepts about smth.


I love using my hands and combining different materials and colours. I do it ever since I was a little girl, who made clothes for her dolls or cut snowflakes from paper or made Birthday cards…


Capturing a particular ‘scene’ – a piece of environment, which occurs to me only once; for example an old house which I’ve stumbled upon unexpectedly – is something that I like, because there’s beauty in things just as they are and I find that astonishing.. I also like taking pictures of  ‘designed scenes’ – some of my creations, alter-ego appearances…

I use my phone mainly..cause it’s quick, it’s handy, it’s spontaneous, it’s real life. Though for intended photoshoots, I  prefer a camera.


For me cooking is a form of art too – it inspires me only when I create my recepies or transform existing ones. I love combining ingredients and tasting a new dish every day. I try to find the balance between delicious and healthy. And there is nothing better for me then the ‘Mmm’-ing sound of enjoyment, coming from the people, whom I share my food with.



I art

You art

We art


Everything’s falling apart



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