Pippi Longstocking and the tree picniC


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It is NOMAD because there is not a single place where you can get it from, it is constantly moving, adapting and changing and nevertheless, it might even happen that today it is your own kitchen, if you decide to be my host.
It is IMPRO because I don’t usually follow recipes, I would get inspired by the ingredients and create something that even I myself have never tasted before.
It is Nom-nOM because it is not the food that me or you are used to, it is meant to surprise and please your senses, so that your soul and stomach turn into a state of OM.
I believe that food is something very special. For me it is another form of Art and I love its transformative effect on our mood, energy and even state of mind.
I know the difference between good and healthy food and one that though delicious, wouldn’t exactly do you a favour. I am always looking for a balanced way to prepare a dish and this is why my food is tummy-friendly – because your body feels that it is very delicious but also rich in nutrients.
To me cooking is another explorational process that I’m eager to follow and observe. It is a remarkable and unique way to establish a connection with the others. Cooking, eating and sharing food experienced as a RITUAL. That is what Nom-nOM is about!
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